Starting this week, our campaign will begin airing the following 30 second television spot across the networks. The ad highlights the many programs that Keith Kaneshiro introduced in the past two years, and his strong focus on the issues that matters to Honolulu’s citizens.

Transcript of the ad:

“Prosecutor Keith Kaneshiro has the vision and leadership to ensure public safety.

Prosecutor Keith Kaneshiro partners with lawmakers and enforcement agencies

to address elder abuse,

support victims’ rights and their needs,

put a stop to crystal meth in Hawaii,

prosecute animal cruelty and computer-based crimes.

Prosecutor Keith Kaneshiro has accomplished much these past two years…

but more needs to be done.

On Election Day, re-elect the proven crime-fighter.

Prosecutor Keith Kaneshiro.”

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In addition, if you would like to help Keith Kaneshiro get more airtime for his ad on television, please visit our support page.


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