During this campaign, the Kaneshiro for Prosecutor team has been blessed to have supporters who were willing to spend their time and effort in helping get Keith re-elected as Prosecuting Attorney. From stuffing envelopes to monetary contributions, the many volunteers and supporters worked tirelessly the past several months making sure that the campaign moves forward.

Perhaps the most visible aspect of Keith’s wide-range of support across Oahu was seen through his dedicated team of sign wavers. These incredible individuals braved the rain, vog, heat and rush-hour traffic to show their support for Keith Kaneshiro. Every week, in locations all over the island,  the sign wavers would hold the distinct colors of the Kaneshiro campaign while never losing the wonderful smiles on their face.

Keith joined them on numerous occasions, and he was able to see how enthusiastic, how joyful, and how supportive these individuals have been to his campaign. Keith Kaneshiro will forever be grateful to the many supporters who will willing to pick up a sign and publicly stand with him in his campaign.

Below are just a small sample of the weekly sign waving events taken during the course of the campaign.

Aiea Sign Waving.


Wahiawa Sign Waving:


The Windward Oahu / Kaneohe Group


Keith and Mika in Mililani.


Honolulu City Council Chair Ernie Martin showing his support outside Pali Longs.


Ward Avenue.


Sign waving on Friday, November 2 in Honolulu.



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