Proven Administrative and Management Ability

The following are a sample of Keith’s leadership experience.

Prosecuting Attorney for the City and County of Honolulu:

  • Established specialized units dedicated to sex assault cases and domestic violence cases.
  • Created an International Program where law enforcement personnel shared techniques and knowledge with the department.
  • Brought law enforcement officials from 7 Asian countries and Mexico and Guatemala to address solutions to crystal meth trafficking.
  • Introduced “Courthouse Dog” program where a trained service dog works with child victims to help them provide accurate testimony.
  • Lead efforts to establish the Family Justice Center, a one-stop service center for victims of domestic violence.
  • Worked with the legislature and non-governmental organizations to pass an enforceable human trafficking law.
  • Managed and supervised over 200 attorneys and staff.

Director of Public Safety, State of Hawaii:

  • Supervised the entire prison system in the State of Hawaii.
  • Found cost-effective ways to create additional prison space.
  • Supervised the State Sheriffs.
  • Supervised the State Law Enforcement Agencies.

Founder and President, KMK Associates:

  • Managed privately owned business specializing in security and investigations.
  • Trained security personnel in numerous locations on security and safety issues.

Trial and Legal Expertise

The following are some of the convictions obtained by Keith in the courtroom as a deputy prosecutor:

  • State v. Narvarez  – Convicted a hit-man in an organized crime execution of a prostitute
  • State v. Beasley, Gehon and Hagan  – Broke up a national organized crime credit card fraud ring based upon original conviction and investigation started by Keith
  • State v. Noguchi and Reyes  – Conviction of a murder-for-hire killer

The following are some of the convictions obtained by Keith in the courtroom as a deputy attorney general:

  • State v. Takamiya  – Conviction of a theft conspiracy case involving organized crime
  • State v. Shinsato, Dunaway and Schneider  – Conviction in the first computer fraud case in the State of Hawaii
  • State v. Tachibana  – Conviction of an investment fraud

The following are cases litigated by Keith when he was serving as the Prosecuting Attorney of Honolulu:

  • State v. Renon, Masulit and Alvarez (1990) – Convictions of a youth gang murder that took place at a public high school
  • State v. Fukusaku (1995) – Handled the grand jury proceedings, the international extradition and the pre-trial motions of the first Japanese national to be extradited from Japan to be tried for a double murder in the United States (Hawaii).

In addition to being a trial attorney, Keith has served as Chief Counsel to the State House of Representatives and the State Senate. He has also introduced numerous pieces of legislation while serving as Prosecuting Attorney.

Among the bills that Keith has worked on:

  • The first money laundering law in the State of Hawaii
  • Updating the state’s Assets Forfeiture law that gives law enforcement the power to seize money from drug traffickers
  • Upgraded the animal cruelty law to a felony in the State of Hawaii
  • The world’s first ban on serving Shark Fin soup. This law has been hailed around the world and is being closely copied by other legislative bodies

Recognized as a visionary leader

Below are some of the awards, positions and speeches given by Keith.


  • 2nd National Methamphetamine Legislative and Policy Conference (2005): “Importation and Trafficking of Meth: Old Methods, New Threats.”
  • U.S./Pacific Rim Immigration Seminar (1996): “Communication, Cooperation and Coordination-The Key to Success.”
  • Anti-Drug Liaison Officials’ Meeting for International Cooperation in South Korea in 1992, 1993, and 1995: “Drug Enforcement Techniques and Strategies in Hawaii.”
  • FBI/DEA International Asian Organized Crime and Drug Trafficking Criminal Enterprise Conference (1994): “Combating International Drug Trafficking and Organized Crime.”
  • Symposium on Economic and Narcotic Drug Crimes in Taipei, Taiwan (1993): “The Drug Problem in the United States and Techniques to Combat Drug Abuse.”

Special Citations:

  • Mentioned in Yakuza: Japan’s Criminal Underworld (Chapter 11, Across the Pacific) by David Kaplan and Alec Dubro.

    “There is a new breed of yakuza out there,” announced Honolulu city prosecutor Keith Kaneshiro in 1992. “You won’t find them with missing fingers and with body tattoos. You’ll find them in business suits making multi-million dollar deals.” U.S. Customs’ Bill Sweet agreed. “Everything we see seems to involve investments and money laundering,” he said two years later.

  • Special mention in the 50th Anniversary book of Japan’s Narcotic Control Office: “Narcotics Control Office Works Closely With Honolulu’s Chief Prosecutor.”
  • “Taiwan studies Kaneshiro’s drug war,” Honolulu Star Bulletin, December 21, 1992.

Professional Appointments:

  • National Alliance for Model State Drug Laws-Director and Executive Committee Member
  • President’s Commission on Model State Laws – One of 24 commissioners appointed by President George H.W. Bush.

Awards and Honors:

  • Hawaii State House of Representatives; Certificate, 1999
  • America Society for Industrial Security; Award Recognition, 1992 and 1999
  • Honolulu City Council; Recognition for Public Service, City Council Resolution; 1998
  • Hawaii State Hotel Security Association; Certificate of Appreciation, 1997
  • Sex-Abuse Treatment Center; Pu’uhonua Award, in support for Medical/Legal Services to Victims, 1996
  • “Top Cop” Award, 14th Annual Law Enforcement and Security Association, 1998
  • Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force; Certificate of Appreciation, 1996
  • California Western School of Law, Commencement Speaker, 1995
  • 18th Anti-Drug Liaison Official’s Meeting for International Cooperation, Seoul District Public Prosecutor’s Office; Plaque of Appreciation, 1993
  • The Exchange Club, Certificate of Appreciation, 1993
  • Department of Defense, National Committee for Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve; Certificate of Appreciation, 1991

Education and Special Training in Law Enforcement


  • Farrington High School, 1967
  • Bradley University; Peoria, Illinois. 1969
  • University of Hawaii at Manoa, BA-Political Science 1971
  • California Western School of Law; San Diego, California. JD 1976

Additional training in law enforcement:

  • American Correction Association Conference, Detroit Michigan; 1998
  • National Workshop on Sentencing, St. Petersburg, Florida; 1998
  • Prison Privatization Conference, San Francisco, California; 1998
  • National Corrections Administrator’s Training, San Francisco, California; 1997
  • American Corrections Association Conference, Orlando, Florida; 1997
  • U.S. Secret Service Dignitary Protection Seminar, Washington, D.C.; 1997
  • New Director’s Seminar, National Institute of Justice, Reno, Nevada; 1997
  • National Corrections conference on substance abuse testing, New Orleans, Louisiana; 1997
  • Planning Functional and Cost Effective Jails and Prisons, Madison, Wisconsin; 1997
  • Community Prosecution: Technical Assistance Workshop, National Institute of Justice, Indianapolis, Indiana; 1996
  • International Asian Organized Crime Conference, Anaheim, California; 1996
  • Drug Enforcement Administration’s Conference on Methamphetamine, Washington, D.C.; 1996
  • National Law Institute, FBI National Academy, Quantico, Virginia; 1989
  • National College of District Attorneys, Executive Prosecutor Course; 1989

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