In the absense of offering a vision on how he will keep Honolulu safe, our opponent is resorting to misleading and negative personal attacks on Keith Kaneshiro.  He has been stating at neighborhood boards and candidate forums that Keith Kaneshiro is managing the Prosecuting Attorney’s office in an unethical manner, and that many attorneys have left the office because they were instructed to act unethically.

These charges are not true at all, and the Star Advetiser reported on the actual complaint.

In October 2010, when Keith Kaneshiro returned as Prosecuting Attorney, he chose not to appoint our opponent to a postion in the office. Several months later, our opponent filed an ethics compliant against Keith.  This ethics complaint, which was based solely on the charge by our opponent,  was investigated by the Office on Disciplinary Counsel (ODC) and was dismissed.

From the Monday, October 1, 2012 article titled “Complaint dismissed against prosecutor” in the Star Advertiser:

An ethics complaint filed by former city Deputy Prosecutor Kevin Takata against city Prosecutor Keith Kane­shiro alleging that he directed deputies to withhold evidence from the defense has been dismissed.

The Office of Disciplinary Counsel notified Kane­shiro in a letter in December that the complaint was dropped following a “thorough review” of submissions by Takata and the prosecutor.

We would like to highlight that this decision to dismiss the case by the ODC was made in December 2011. Despite our opponent knowing that his “ethics” charge against Keith Kaneshiro is baseless and was dismissed, he has continued to repeat his allegations to this day .

A member of the Hawaii Supreme Court’s disciplinary board reviewed its office’s investigation and determined the complaint should be dismissed, the office said.

Keith Kaneshiro has been an attorney in the State of Hawaii for over 30 years, including 10 as Prosecuting Attorney. He has never had any ethical violations throughout his career. He has always conducted himself and his role as Prosecuting Attorney with integrity and upholding the highest of ethics. And he has always conducted his campaigns in the same manner.

We hope our opponent will do the same.

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